About Us

About PocketMedia® : Home of the Z-CARD®

PocketMedia® understands the requirements of the busy, time-restricted, digital generation. With this in mind, we are committed to delivering memorable interactive, marketing communication materials for our clients.

All our communication offerings grab the attention of the consumer, ensuring our clients message is quickly imparted and retained, catering to todays demanding, and easily distracted mobile generation. Our creative communications offerings are delivered straight to the target markets pocket, can be measured and deliver a proven Return on Investment (ROI).

Our best-selling product is the Original Z-CARD®. The Z-CARD® is renowned for its simplicity, and unique design which has been successful in every market across the globe.

About our Products

Our signature product is the Z-CARD® and we are the world’s expert and largest producers of the entire range of Z-folding products offering the lowest pricing and most flexible schedules.

All our Z-CARD®s are produced on patented Z-CARD® machinery. Each of our machines produce up to 10,000 units per hour, thus we can ensure highly impressive production times. We complement our core products with a wealth of stock, size, shape and finishing options and there is no order quantity to our print runs. Whether your interest is in lowering your carbon footprint, or coming up with an eye-catching and highly interactive print campaign, we can tailor our products to meet your requirements.

We also offer a comprehensive range of strategically designed products ensuring your brand message is retained by the reader, including Pop-Ups and UFOs (Unidentified Folding Object), all with our guarantee of great service and competitive rates. We are constantly adding new and innovative print formats to our range.

Additional Product Offerings
Print services

We now provide creative communication solutions, offering an array of professional printing services, from billboard printing to business card printing.

Our printing and design services Include, but are not limited to:

• Annual Reports • Branded Writing Pads • Business Cards • Branded Calendars • Corporate Stationery • Flyers, Brochures, Leaflets and Posters • Invitations • Presentation Folders

Our branding and point of sales printing services include, but are not limited to:

• Banners and Flags • Billboards • Building Wraps • Custom Wallpaper • Gazebos • Perspex Cut-Outs • Promo Tables • Vehicle Branding

Digital Services

We can assist you develop, distribute and market your brand online through a growing number of channels. We are experts in producing concise and accessible communications that assist you to develop integrated print and digital campaigns.

For seamless integration we recommend and provide Augmented Reality and/or QR codes. We are confident that our integrated digital campaign will assist you achieve your goals.

Graphic Design

We provide creative, professional, and brand relevant graphic design services, ensuring your business is represented in-line with your corporate identity, and creatively suited to your target market. We pride ourselves on our ability to work with clients to understand the key elements and messages they need to communicate to make their campaign a success.

We are driven on results, and make use of our creative and technical skills, as well as industry insight, to assist with your design goals.

Copywriting & translation

Many of our clients have utilised our translation services to translate their content into various languages. Should you need any content for your PocketMedia® product translated, contact us for a quote today.

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