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PocketMedia® offers a wealth of solutions that are ideal for marketing to sports, events audiences and consumers of sports products. We work with some of the biggest names in the sporting world providing applications such as fixture guides or information packs for sportswear launches. PocketMedia® adds real value to any sports marketing campaign.

Some of our sports related products are:

Lanyard wallets, popular for sporting events and perfect for delivering fixture schedules to sports fans. These are the ideal accompaniment for sports-based PocketMedia® products.

We design fixture guide templates for all major sporting events. Z-CARD®s can be tailored to your brand and include QR codes that can link users to live tournament updates, match schedules etc.

Some of our clients that have produced sports related products include Mastercard, MTN, Fancourt, Comrades Marathon, Maritime Marketing, Adidas, FNB, Red Heart Rum and American Express