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Bottle Hang

Our on-pack solutions – from the original Bottle Hang to the Bottle Hang UFO – are designed to provide consumers with additional information about a product, entice them to enter a competition, distribute a sample of another product in the same range, act as a web driver, by using QR Codes or Augmented Reality, and so much more.

The PocketMedia® Solutions’ Bottle Hang can be hung around the neck of a wine bottle or other beverage or sauce bottle, and can be attached to a Z-CARD® or an Unidentified Folding Object (UFO) – which resembles a paper Rubik’s Cube – to provide a clear product overview.

The Bottle Hang can also have a pouch into which you can insert product samples, scratch cards, discount coupons or vouchers, or any other engaging marketing tool that best portrays your brand.

Added to this, we are able to die-cut your Bottle Hang into any shape, including that of your product or brand, ensuring instant consumer recognition.

Bottle Hangs not only make your product stand out on the shelf, but also give you the opportunity to offer consumers something in return for their purchase. It’s a value-add like this that often secures sales, as you are offering your customers an incentive to purchase your product.