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The Z-CARD® is the ideal way to condense information into a retainable and highly portable format. Our most popular product remains the 6-panel Z-CARD®. Perfect for all communications, there are many options for customising inserts and covers.

Our Z-CARD®’s come in three standard sizes: credit, pocket and handy size.

At PocketMedia® Solutions we specialise in customizing our products to suit our client’s specific needs.

We customize our Z-CARD®’s in a variety of ways, including the following:

  • Recycled or sustainable format paper stocks
  • Digital printing for cost effective small orders
  • Cover extras- pockets, RFID, perforations, magnets, bottle hangs, key rings, lenticular
  • In-house design facilities including product mock ups
  • Interactive QR codes
  • Augmented Reality

Product Specifications



4 Panel

6 Panel

8 Panel

10 Panel

Credit Card

54mm x 85mm

234mm x 200mm

234mm x 300mm

234mm x 400mm

234mm x 500mm

Pocket Card

78mm x 108mm

297mm x 280mm

297mm x 420mm

297mm x 560mm

420 x 700mm

Handy Card

106mm x 146mm

420mm x 400mm

420mm x 600mm

420mm x 800mm

297 x 1000mm